PetStep Folding Dog Ramp
PetStep Folding Dog Ramp

PetStep Folding Dog Ramp


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This dog ramp helps your older dog handle the stairs, getting into your car and even your furniture.

I especially like this dog ramp because it allows your dog to walk up or down at a gentle incline. Because of it's sturdy construction and rubberized surface, this dog ramp helps reduce arthritis and dysplasia pain, lowers the chances of injury, and cuts down on back strain.

The rubberized ribbed surface also happens to grabs dirt - that means less mess inside your car! It also cleans up super easy with soap and water.

Another thing I really like is it only weighs 18.5 pounds!

The PetStep Folding Dog Ramp Features:

  • Capacity 500 lbs
  • Dimensions: 36" L x 17" W x 5.75" H folded and 70" L x 17" W x 2.5" H unfolded
  • Accommodates a vehicle height of up to 37 inches
  • Portable (ergonomic handles on both sides)
  • Floats in water, will not sink
  • No materials used that can trap odors
  • Universal non-slip grip fits all vehicles and edges
  • Will not rust or corrode, washes with soap & water


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